Founder and President

Solmairah Castillo is the founder and president of our organization, which was created in 2018. At a young age she started to participate in humanitarian activities with her mother, who was a kindergarten teacher and was a collaborator in community centers and participated in activities for children in need.
Owning a spirit that is sensitive to the pain and suffering of others, she took the initiative to create a nonprofit organization to support every human being, regardless of ethnicity, race or religion; however, our founder, careful of our mission and philosophy, has a special interest in helping girls and women in unfavorable conditions creating entrepreneurship, empowerment and training programs so that they recognize their gifts and talents and can develop them and address their purpose for develop a better future for themselves and their families.
As an enterprising woman and consistent with her vision, Solmairah creates our foundation with the purpose of training and preparing all the people that need support, creating several leadership and community assistance programs with the purpose of empowering the productivity capacity in the people, providing them with tools that will become long-range instruments.
As a business woman, Solmairah has been characterized for being versatile, carrying out several projects. Her career in television, as an actress and singer, led her to catapult her image into the media and although she is partially away from the industry, she still maintains her connections. She is a fashion designer and is currently pursuing academic studies to obtain an associate in theology. Solmairah, persistent in raising our organization with a clear and defined purpose, has found the unconditional support of her daughter, son, and son-in-law, whom with his example are still preparing to deliver to others what they have learned with excellence.

Vice President

Nadrijel Galan is a member of the Board of Directors of our organization since its inception. As Vice President, she studies and develops the policies and strategies to implement in our Foundation, carrying out activities of a civic and humanitarian nature hand in hand with the approval of the presidency. Nadrijel obtained her Bacherlor’s Degree in Economics in 2006, at the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences of the Central University of Venezuela; She has two children, and along with her husband and the rest of her family she enjoys participating in the various community activities. As a fundamental part of the Foundation, her aspirations tend to directly impact the lives of all people in need.


Alfredo Galan has served in our organization since its inception as Treasurer and member of the Board of Directors, and who is attentive to the progress of our initiatives. His role as administrator leads him to be a substantial part of our institution demonstrating his skills creating an added value in our financial seminars aimed at low-income people. Alfredo graduated from the Central University of Venezuela, where he obtained his degree in Economics, in the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences in 2006; He has 2 children and together with his wife and the rest of his family he enjoys all our undertakings


Shairam Tortosa is the youngest member of our Board of Directors and has been serving as Secretary from our beginnings, investing time in the activities he is responsible for and creating alternatives for community assistance. At a young age, Shairam already has a philanthropic spirit and is part of this legacy as a second generation, which, together with her mother and family, continues to create a lineage of future generations committed to the community, supporting and empowering the families of our Society.  Shairam currently continues with his academic studies where he seeks to obtain his degree in Political Science.

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